• Dr Abdul Rehman Kaloi Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Religion and Islamic Culture, UoS, Jamshoro
  • Hafiz Sibghatullah Bhutto Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Religion and Islamic Culture, UoS, Jamshoro


Islam, culture, civilization, development, beliefs


According to the Islamic faith, God is the Lord of the worlds, and His last prophet Muhammad (SAW) is a mercy to the worlds, and His last book, the Qur'an, is a guide to the worlds, and Islam is last divine religion in all the heavenly religions[i]. Since Allah Almighty sent Islam as the last divine religion for humanity, He has given it such width, comprehensiveness, and universality that it can guide humanity at every turn till the end of time. Then we see that man's need is not only for the protection of life, property, and honor, but man wants many facilities and comforts in this world and wants the construction and development of the world. So, Islam, for the completion of this natural requirements, has given such instructions so that man can move forward in civilization and live a very civilized life. The development of human civilization requires hard work, struggle, and research, without which the construction and development of the world is impossible. Before Islam, the world was generally indulged in polytheism and superstition, fearing every new discovery and revelation because it was considered against the will of God. Outdated beliefs, customs and traditions of their ancestors were perceived as a divine command and were obeyed. In such case, if a wise person researched, studied, and revealed something new or a new ideology that contradicted their outdated beliefs and ideologies, it would be considered punishable, and he would be tortured in various ways. We have the history of many philosophers and scientists who were convicted or sentenced for their revelations, and many great personalities like Galileo and Socrates went through this ordeal. Consequently, that age was submerged into darkness and no significant progress has been made in human culture and civilization. The main reason for this backwardness was the outdated beliefs and ideologies of the people which were an obstacle to the development of human civilization, so Islam first reformed the beliefs and ideologies of the people, changed their thinking, and gave them a new direction. By adopting that way, the world has reached the moon today and even wants to go beyond that. It will be analyzed in this article what were the pre-Islamic beliefs and ideologies that hindered the evolution of human civilization and what reforms did Islam bring because of which the world was on the path of construction and progress and humanity developed in culture and civilization. The content of this article has been collected and conclusions have been drawn by adopting historical and analytical method of research.